Cardiology Specialists in Houston and Sugar Land, TX

The highly-trained cardiologists at ICA Cardiology are experts in the field of cardiology and have received many academic titles, accolades, and awards. Our cardiology specialists are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to patients throughout Houston and Sugar Land, Texas.


Dr. Albert Raizner

Albert Raizner, M.D., FACC, MSCAI

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Dr. Clem Defelice

Clement DeFelice, M.D., FACC

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Dr. Gopi Shah

Gopi Shah, M.D., FACC

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Dr. Michael Raizner

Michael Raizner, M.D., FACC

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Dr. Mohamed El-Beheary

Mohamed El-Beheary, M.D. (MBBCH), FACC

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